Yes. All FlexOffice products are made in Viet Nam in accordance with the export quality standards.

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FlexOffice office reviews ideas and concepts only if they are protected with a registered or otherwise officially published intellectual property title (e.g. patent, utility patent, industrial design.) If this applies, kindly send your ideas or concepts to the FlexOffice address listed below, along with the official patent publication.
Please be aware, that Information disclosed to FlexOffice will not be treated as confidential. Hence, please only send information that is publicly available.
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For Gel Ink, Smooth Ink and Rollerball Pens:

  • 0.38mm and 0.5mm = Extra Fine
  • 0.6mm and 0.7mm = Fine
  • 1.0mm = Medium

For Ball Point Pens:

  • 0.38mm and 0.5mm = Extra Fine
  • 0.7mm = Fine
  • 1.0mm = Medium

All FlexOffice caps comply with international safety standards attempting to mimimise the risk when children accidentally inhale the pens caps; as a result vented caps have a hole to comply with these regulations.

The safety of children is considered as FlexOffice’s top priority. Our Colokit products correspond to ASTM D-4236, EN 71/3 standards (all of the potentially hazardous components of the art products are clearly labelled on the product packaging).

It is not necessary to store a FlexOffice pen with its point facing down. However, we do recommend protecting the point when the pen is not being used. In the case of retractable pens, the point should be retracted when not in use, and pens with caps should also be protected after each use.

Carefully pump and rock the nib on paper to release the liquid chalk until liquid has covered the nib. Do this at right angles to surface. Continue until the pen writes a satisfactory line. Re-saturate the nib as necessary by repeatedly depressing the nib onto the upturned cap of the pen.


12-pcs/box, 600 pcs/carton. Packaging can also be modified as per customers’ requests as long as they meet the MOQ requirements for each item.


Line Width refers to the actual “line mark” made by a writing instrument on a substrate (usually paper). Normally, this is designated by the labeling of: 1mm line, 0.35mm line etc. The actual line width may vary based on (a) the writing pressure, (b) the absorbency or type of paper, and (c) the speed with which one writes. 

Ball Diameter refers to the “spherical ball part” of the writing instrument’s nib. Labeling on packaging will refer to this like 0.5 mm ball ø ( the “ø" symbol means “diameter”). The ball diameter indication is only used for writing instruments utilizing “ball nib technology” and not used for those utilizing “fiber or plastic nib technology." 

So one term refers to the “end result” of making a mark on paper (line width) and the other term refers to a “part” of the writing instrument (ball diameter).

Regular crayons which has main ingredient in its formulation is paraffin wax mixing with pigment colorant and some additives. The plastic crayon has a special  formulation as a compound of paraffin wax and plastic resin. Therefore, plastic crayon is harder than regular crayon. Moreover, it’s erasable and not adhere to the skin and hands while using.

Oil pastels are softer than crayon and are a recommended choice for light, fast, permanent colours.


Yes, we do. Please send your enquiries and our team will work with you on all details from inception to finished article.


Yes, we do. Please send your enquiries and our team will work with you on all details from inception to finished article.

We have mold manufacturing and maintenance inhouse to support the production and new product developments.

Yes, all the pen refills have to be tested on the auto machine before they are assembled into the pens. After the assembly, our QC staff will double-test writing, printing, packaging, and so forth before shipment.



FlexOffice products are sold across the globe; we meet both local and international taste preference when it comes to design and packaging requirements.


This may vary depending on order quantity but normally 30-45 days after receipt of PI confirmation.


We do not apply strict order quantities but the minimum value should be USD 5,000.00. We can then ship a range of products to that amount.



We do not apply strict order quantities but the minimum value should be USD 5,000.00. We can then ship a range of products to that amount.

Your order must include the following information:

  • Item number and description
  • Quantity per item
  • Imprint method and desired colors; specify Pantone (PMS) color including name and number
  • Clear instructions and layout with typed copy, not handwritten one.

We can supply on both a FOB or CIF basis.


We prefer payment via confirmed L/C at sight or T/T remittance of two installments: 50% within 3 days of PI confirmation and 50% one week prior to shipment.

FlexOffice always strive for long-term cooperation with partners-both established and new. To help you have a better understanding of our products and to get initial feedback we recommend the placement of a trial order to gauge local market response.On the basis of those responses we would then discuss with you the potential for Distribution Rights.


FlexOffice organise qualified sales teams to support the development of markets. They work closely with customers in terms of sales activity and branding. FlexOffice also offer logistical support regarding product display/POS/ and product preservation to ensure ultimate consumer satisfaction.