• - 12 digits calculator with standard functions  (square root,regular percent or memory keys..).

    - Dimension: 140 x 123 x 31mm. Weight: 122g.

    - Tax calculation and 150 Steps check.

    - Attractive design with comfortable plastic button and wide keyboard  for durable and easy operation.

    - Easier data reading with Tilt and Extra Large Display.

    - Two-way power with solar and battery. 

    - Easy to carry. Ideal for office use.

    * Packaging: 1 pc/box, 60 pcs/carton

    * Warranty terms and conditions:

    - The calculator is under warranty period. The warranty period is 24 months from date of purchase.

    - When warranting, customer has to present "Warranty Certificate". The Warranty Certificate is valid since date of purchase.

    - Product is warranted only when defects are caused by the manufacturer.

    - Damages are not guaranteed: the product is defective without fault of the manufacturer such as: strong impact, falling, cracking, broken corner of the screen, wetted, burnt...

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