After 3 years in the Philippines, FlexOffice has now become a household name. Led by a sales team focused on one of their many innovative promotional activities, we see them here joining in a “Visual Art Workshop”.

The workshop is a whole day activity which aims to provide educational training intended to enhance and introduce innovative art materials and concepts primarily aimed at teachers and students.


The first major workshop was held at Balagatas Central School with more than 500 public school teachers from both Elementary and Secondary participating.

Representatives discuss how best FlexOffice can further support workshop culture.

Before the workshop ends, teachers can claim brand new Flexstick pens, by surrendering old ones--- the Pen-Swapping Program.

In 2017, FlexOffice will continue to conduct further workshops, not only in the Primary sector but at both Secondary and University level. The partnership between FlexOffice, SQL , Pandayan Bookshops, and the Philippines Department of Education (DepEd) has been the driving force behind this program, to try and ensure every school in the country has a chance to participate, which to date has led to 11 such events, with 1500 teachers attending and sharing information and experience.

Le Quang (FlexOffice)

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