FlexOffice recently organised a trip to Europe as a way to say a warm Thank You to customers from Myanmar, for their kind contribution to the development of the company in the South Asia region.

The trip was held between 4th and 15th October and guests were able to sample the many sights and sounds of some of the major cities of Europe, including Paris, Rome, and Geneva.

Guests were able to visit and experience major attractions, including the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Palace, and Notre Dame Cathedral. The Eternal City overwhelmed with the centerpiece that is the Colosseum; elsewhere in Italy, Pisa offered its Leaning Tower.

The last stop was to Lucerne in Switzerland where in The Alps guests had the chance to experience the snow with skiing and snowboarding at Mount Titlis, and unforgettable walks at the Glacier Caves.

FlexOffice said they look forward to offering similar opportunities again. 

Le Quang (FlexOffice)

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