On 22th August 2018, FlexOffice successfully held the National Customer Conference in Cambodia as a way to say a warm Thank You for the great contribution of agents and the enthusiastic support of customers.

Over the past 36 years, Thien Long in the past and FlexOffice at the moment has created an emotional connection to Customers, especially the Cambodian. For more than 20 years of investment, FlexOffice now secures a position in mindset of Cambodia customers.

The conference was held at Tonle Bassac II Hotel in Phnompenh with the participation of more than 200 guests. This is a huge opportunity for FlexOffice to mark the success business activities in Cambodia. A lot of activities have been organized to make the conference a wonderful night such as the “Special Promotion” and the attractive lottery program with the lucky draw.

The conference was a success beyond expectation and received many enthusiastic responses from our guests. This is the evidence that FlexOffice and Colokit have partly earned the customer’s trust through our quality products and enhanced our brand value in Cambodia market.

Le Quang (FlexOffice)

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