In the morning of July 14, the final and award ceremony "I love Vietnamese letters" 2019 took place at Ho Chi Minh City Children's House. In the excitement and eagerness, the contest welcomed more than 460 elementary students from 24 to participate. As a result, up to 40% of the contestants won prizes at the contest.

This event is considered as the continuation event of the competition that was held within the previous four months. The competition was organized by Ho Chi Minh City Children's House and Thien Long Group's with the goal of educating the young generation with a sense of respecting and preservation of the beauty of Voice and Script of Vietnamese.

The general requirement for the entries of this year's final round is the beautiful handwriting, right spelling, right topic, clean presentation, and using pure Vietnamese words.

The final exam round will include 05 groups corresponding to 05 grades. Unlike the festival 1st season of "I love Vietnamese letter, in this second season, the competition expanded to students who were in first grade and second grade.

After competing, the contest had 185 winners in all 06 groups (from grade 1 to grade 5 and 1 group of free candidates). The free participation group has 5 students who have completed the excellent test and won the highest prize.

Over 2 seasons, the contest "I love Vietnamese letter" is considered as a meaningful competition for children to practice their handwriting letters thereby helping them to form good quality.

Le Quang (FlexOffice)

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