In order to create a new event for all FlexOffice’s fans to participate in the first half of 2021, FlexOffice Philippines is going to hold an interesting event ever which is FlexOffice Dancing Challenge, as the following details: 

  • Participants:

-       Open for all Filipinos from 10 – 45 years old (Below 18 must have parental consent)

  • Area:

-       Nationwide

  • Mechanics: 

-       The participants must record a short video to cover a dance with background music chosen by FlexOffice. The participants are free to create their own dance. 

-       FlexOffice brand must be appeared in the video (wearing FlexOffice T-shirt, using FlexOffice pens, etc). Those videos without FlexOffice brand inside will not be counted. 

-       The participants must follow this guide to submit their videos:

§  Follow FlexOffice Tik Tok channel

§  Choose the sample video in FlexOffice channel -> choose the background music -> record your video

§  Upload your video in public with hashtag #FlexOffice #FlexOfficeDancing. Those videos without one of these hashtag will not be couted.


-       Posting videos period: 16.03.2021 – 16.04.2021

  • Terms & Conditions:

-       The video must use the background music selected by FlexOffice. Those videos use different background music will not be counted.

-       The participants must not wear sexy clothes on video. Those videos have sexy scenes will be eliminated without information. 

-       There must be FlexOffice brand in the video. Those videos that do not include FlexOffice brand will not be counted. 

-       FlexOffice has the rights to use your videos for any marketing purposes and can be posted in the FlexOffice’s website and social media platforms.

-       FlexOffice doesn’t have control for any negative or positive feedback that might comment on your photos.

-       FlexOffice will not pay you for your videos in case they are used for the marketing activity.

-       FlexOffice is not supporting Cyber bullying that is why FlexOffice has the right to remove or block anyone/ any posts that might cause a discrimination with the participants.

-       Contestants below 18 years old should secure and present a verified parental consent as set forth herein prior to the submission of his/her entry. (The commitment letter with parents’ signature).

-       The submissions must have never been participated in any other contests, not displayed, exhibited, published on publications, books, magazines or on any mass media channels.

-       There is no limit to the number of entries available for each participant.

-       FlexOffice will be the judges to select the 1st , 2nd and 3rd prize based on these criteria: Brand Related 50%, Video Entertainment 30%,  Video Quality 20%

  • Disclaimer: 

-       By sending the entry, you (and your respective parents and legal guardians) agree that you (and your respective parents and legal guardians) have read and you fully understand the terms and condition for this competition

  • Awards:

Special Prize (1 slot)

-       The most creative video

-       Judges: FlexOffice company

-       The criteria: creative dance, creative video editing, creative set up, etc. 

-       Award: 6,000 pesos in cash + 1,000 pesos shopping voucher on Shopee

Normal Prizes (3 slots)

-       1st prize: The highest score video – chosen by FlexOffice

-       Award: 5,000 pesos in cash + 1,000 pesos shopping voucher on Shopee

-       2nd prize: The second highest score video – chosen by FlexOffice

-       Award: 3,000 pesos in cash + 1,000 pesos shopping voucher on Shopee

-       3rd prize: The third highest score video – chosen by FlexOffice

-       Award: 2,000 pesos in cash + 1,000 pesos shopping voucher on Shopee

Lucky Prizes (10 slots)

-       Share the event post on Facebook and tag 5 friends

-       10 lucky people will be chosen randomly. Each receive a 300 peso shopping voucher on Shopee

First 10 participantes (10 slots)

-       The first 10 participants will receive a 500 peso shopping voucher on Shopee.

Consolidation Prize (1 slot)

- The video that has the highest number of HEARTS

- Award: 3,000 peso in cash


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